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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i'm saying so it's on the record officially. the super bowl goes to santa clara, san jose, who is responsible for losing the 49ers ? in my opinion gavn nusom and edwardly, two are responsible to come with a viable plan for the 49ers, when we start having those super bowl celebrations, i would like everyone like everyone else around the country know the headquarters for the san francisco 49ers is not in san francisco, it is in santa -- santa clara and a lot
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of the big shots. the only reason why the giants are here is because they paid for their own ballpark. nobody is willing to tell the officials face-to-face. i just came back from oklahoma city last night saying that san francisco is a city of losers. >> next speaker? >> good afternoon supervisors. this is some historical information that i wanted to
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provide you that occurred here in san francisco. this is historical material in time. president bush welcomes president of kenya. president bush, mr. president madam first lady, members of the kenya delegation. on behalf of the american people, laura and i are please today welcome you to the united states. this is the first visit by the leader of an african country directing during my administration. [ applause ] and the president since last year. [ applause ] . i have been in front of you for some time now and actually even given you some information
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about some name changes. his son is now currently president of kenya. i just wanted to ask you if any of you smoke newport cigarettes. there is a charter in the united nations and by the general assembly and millennium declaration. i will leave a copy for you if you are interested. >> thank you. next speaker? good afternoon, president chiu and supervisors. i know we had a wonderful time of celebration
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with asian pacific heritage month. i have some sad news to deliver this afternoon. a very personal friend, a very fine city folks, business owner in memory of tony keng. where it all began and in the beginning. many of you are aware that advertising was established back in 1990. tony king was ahead of his time even before the u.s. census of 1990 that informed us about americanation demographics in collaboration with the founders opened the advertising agency partnering with companies to target the asian american consumers who would meet for hours and conduct business in hotel lob easy -- lobbies across the
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city. corporate america was about to talk to these firms and think about their mainstream background. jay was out here in san francisco and it was the first client the help of -- we basically started to work with this client with tony. tony also opened a successful chain in the sandwich shops in the financial district. tony was the original founder of the asian business league of san francisco when he coined with the group of the business seminars and programs and honoring many asian american business leaders. he was born in asia. >> thank you very much. are
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there any other members of the public who wish to speak in general public comment? okay. seeing none. public comment is closed. madam clerk please go to our adaptation counter. >> item 29 through 30 with a single roll call vote. >> colleagues, would anyone like to serve sever any of these items. >> items 29, 30, supervisor aye, cohen, supervisor, supervisor yee, avalos, supervisor breed, aye, campos
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aye, chiu. there are 11 ayes. >> these resolution are adopted. >> today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following individuals on behalf of the supervisor tang for the late mckal ha anterior dan.o >> do we have any further business? >> that concludes or business. >> i would like to thank sfgtv for their work and with that ladies and gentlemen we are adjourned. >>
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>> i want to learn more about it. >> social networking and e-mail. >> i want to know how to use it.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> divisional divide is a divide between those with access to use digital tools and those who don't. >> with young people, having computers and i just don't know. they're doing it fast. so, i want to know. >> not knowing how to navigate the internet or at a loss of what to do. >> we don't have a computer. >> we're a nonprofit that unites organizations and volunteers to transform lies through literacy. our big problem right now is the broadband opportunity program. a federally funded project through the department of aging. so, we're working in 26
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locations. our volunteers are trained to be tutors and trainers, offering everything from basic classes all the way to genealogy and job search. >> to me computers, knowing how to use it. >> i think it's really important to everybody and possibly especially seniors to get enough of these skills to stay in touch. >> it's been fun. with seniors, to get them out of their homes. >> so they can connect with their family members. or their family members. >> [speaking in spanish].
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>> so, what we focus on is transferring skills from volunteer to learner to help them get onto facebook, find housing in crisis, be able to connect with friends and family. >> i decided to teach what i learn and it made me want to give back. i discovered that seniors do a lot of review. >> i am a beginner, so, little by little i learn. i learn a lot now. >> if you get the basics, you can learn it. it's simple. it's easy. once you know it. and that's what i want to learn, how to make my life easier and more knowledgeable with the computer.
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>> so, what we need right now are more people who speak languages other than english or in addition to english who can give their time during the day and who care deeply ideally about helping to close the divide. >> it's a humbling experience. it's something simple to ask in our daily life, but to someone that doesn't know and to help somebody gain that experience in any way is awesome. >> [speaking in spanish]. >> no matter how tired or cranky or whatever i might feel, when i walk into this place i always walk out feeling great. >> if you feel comfortable using computers and you have patience, we want you on our team. >> would you show me how to type? >> [speaking in spanish].
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>> will you help me learn more?
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